Friday, May 27, 2016

27 MAY 2016 - May's Emails, Laplap, and More Baptisms

22 MAY 2016

Hey everybody, how's it going? I am doing all good. Everything here is going great. The usual introduction to the email. So, this week we were able to get out and teach a bit. We were walking to one of our appointments the other day and these two kids, Minnie and Jason came up to us and were so excited to see us. They took us into their house and we met their family. There are 6 of them. Sirry, Nerry, Minnie, Jason, Lilon, and Rosline. So, they accepted us to come back and teach them. It was great. This week has been pretty good. So, this week I actually was able to fix my guitar. The bridge was peeling off so I got some glue and glued it and replaced the strings. It's been broken for about a month haha. Anyways everything is going well. We were able to teach Isaac again and he brought a friend too. We also taught Lilyrose again on Sunday.
We also met a family when we went contacting and we taught them last Monday and last Thursday and they are doing great. It's three Mamas, Mary, Charlene, and Lafinya. They were asking us how they become members and all this stuff. It is really going well here in Vanuatu, the Lord has really blessed these islands. Love you guys!

16 MAY 2016

Hey Everyone! How's it hanging? Everything is great here in Vanuatu. This week has been pretty good. This week we were teaching a young boy about 15 or so, his name is Isaac, and then his brother and sister were also there, Ericka and Daniel. His sister is a member but his brother isn't so now we are teaching them both. And they both came to church on Sunday! It is really cool. On Sunday we received a referral from our Bishop and he brought a family to church. The husband is a member and he wants us to teach his wife. Gibson and Lilyrose. They don't think the wife's family would want us over at their house so we are teaching them at church. It was really good. This week I had laplap for the first time. It was called tuluk I think. It was manioc laplap with meat inside. It was the weirdest thing I've ever eaten. It was like spongey and strange and stuff. It didn't taste terrible but the texture was beyond strange. Well that's my week basically. Office, teaching, same old same old. I hope all of you are doing well. I love you guys!

8 MAY 2016

Hey Everyone, this week has been anything but normal. In a good way. On Tuesday a member took us to see a young girl about 15 or so, and she wanted us to teach her. So, we go and it turns out that the girl is part of a family that we know. That family had my first three converts and we had another one (Masse) getting baptized on Saturday! So, we were teaching the Restoration (the girl's name is Pauline) and Pauline's brother Roy joined the lesson. So, that's two new investigators! Then E. Jeffries got sick. So, the next day I had to take E. Broadbent with me to teach while E. West stayed home with E. Jeffries. We did that for the next 3 days while E. Jeffries was sick. We would go teach in my area and then we would go teach in E. Broadbent's area. We went back to see them so we could prepare Masse for her baptism this week. During that lesson, Roy tells us that our last lesson touched his heart and he wants to be baptized this week with Masse. Although he couldn't because he hadn't
come to church. But then they told us that he did go to church Pauline too. So we helped prepare them for baptism this Saturday as well. E. Broadbent and I taught them everything and got the interviews done and everything worked out. I also went with him to Nambatu and helped him prepare two pikinini for baptism this Saturday as well. So E. Jeffries and I had 3 baptisms and E. West and E. Broadbent had 2 baptisms! It has been a really good week. We combined our baptisms and we had a great service with lots of support from the wards. That's basically my week haha. Well I love you all and Happy Mothers' Day!

1 MAY 2016

Hey everyone! I'm doing great here. And no I didn't even feel the earthquake. I'm completely fine. This week has been good. We did two exchanges last week. One I went with E. McQuivey and the other I went with E. 'Iloa. Exchanges are tiring because it throws you out of routine. They were good but I'm glad to be back in my area. This week has gone really well. We were teaching a part member family and they said that their 9 year old daughter wants to be baptized. We already taught her all of the lessons back in Jan-Feb, so we have just been reviewing. She came to church and so she is going to get baptized on Saturday! Her name is Masi, which is funny because when something funny happens people say masi! It's kind of like Wow or Oh Man. But she is great. That family has a recent convert (my first baptism), an investigator (Masi), and a less-active named Pamela. So, when we teach them we can help all of them. It's really neat. We also got a new investigator this week. His name is Ansley. He went to church at nambatu and talked to West. Luckily he is in OUR area so we get to teach him. He actually lives right across the street from our house. We taught him the Restoration and committed him to baptism! The cool part is that we are teaching him in English! He knows English better than Bislama. It's the first time I've taught in English since the MTC. That's the most exciting part of the week. Everything is going well here. Transfers are next week, so hopefully I get to stay long enough for Ansley's baptism but I guess I'll have to wait and see. That's all for this week, love you guys!

At "Seaview" after the baptisms

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