Monday, March 28, 2016

Baptisms, Pink-eye, and Rain - 28 MAR 2016

27 MARCH 2015

Hey Everyone, how is it going? I am tired. This week has been pretty exhausting and pretty interesting. We have had a bit of lessons this week but the highlight was our baptisms on Saturday. We had John who is a 15 year old boy get baptized, and we had Jerol who is the 10 year old son of a recent convert. It went well. There were two wards there and so it was combined. Since, there was no one from the stake presidency there, I was the presiding authority. I basically ran the baptism and
made sure everything went well. It was kind of crazy.  I also baptized the Ohlen Sisters' investigator. He is an 8 year old boy named Olivier, he really likes me. He's a cool kid.
Elder Jeffries, John, and Elder Bramell

This week we have been trying to see people we haven't seen in a while. Saturday we saw Tasiy again. She has a hard time because she never went to school so she has a hard time reading and she prays everyday for understanding. We talked about how with God all things are possible and even though Joseph Smith was uneducated, that with God's help, he translated the Book of Mormon. We also saw James throughout the week. He has been doing everything we taught except coming to church. He told us that before it was good, but now he feels different. He feels like he changed. So, on Sunday he came to church! He is on track to be baptized in 2 or so weeks! Everything is going well.

This week has been pretty rainy. It has rained almost everyday. It's usually on and off. As the locals say, "rain, sun, rain, sun." Sometimes it comes down pretty hard, sometimes just a trickle. We have taught several lessons in the pouring rain and it gets hard to hear. As for the pink eye, I don't think I have pink eye. But for the past couple days my eyes have been pink and sore. It kind of stinks especially since I drive and use a computer and everything. I use my eyes all the time and they always hurt. But I don't let that stop me. I just shrug it off and keep doing what I'm doing.
Elder Jeffries, Mother, Jerol, and Elder Bramell

Sunday was pretty good too. I was sitting there during sacrament meeting and about halfway through, the 1st counselors daughter told me that I was giving a talk on the Resurrection because it was Easter. So, I had like 15 minutes to prepare a talk. But it was good, I gave a ten minute talk and I had scriptures and everything. All in Bislama. I think I have the language pretty much down.

Evri samting i tuff we tuff. Mi wantem sarem se mi glad we glad mi stap serve lo ples ia. Mi save se Jisas Kraes hemi Sevya blo yumi mo mi save se hemi stap laef. Mi lavem yufala evriwan. Namburu hemi wan tuff eria mo spos mifala triem best blo mifala, mifala save casum fullup baptaes. Lo mission ia hemi wan gudfala mission we hemi bitim evri nara wan. Lavem yufala. Alle.
Elder Curtis Bramell and Elder Jeffries cooking in the Apt.

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